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E.g., 11/28/2023

If you are aware of resolutions approved by the Senate that are not listed here, please contact the Senate office. 

Resolution Title Date
Resolution Regarding Sonoma State Academic Senate Response to the Spring 2007 No Confidence Vote 03/06/2008
Resolution Regarding Independent Audit of Sonoma State University 03/06/2008
Sustainability at Sonoma State University 02/21/2008
Reaffirmation of University Policy on Non-discrimination 10/25/2007
Resolution Honoring the Estimable Service and Leadership of Dr. Elaine McDonald-Newman, Chair of the Faculty 2006-2007 05/24/2007
Resolution to hold referendum of no confidence in President Arminana 05/10/2007
Resolution on Faculty Workload 04/05/2007
Calling for the Preeminent Role and Support of Academics and Faculty in the New CSU Strategic Plan 04/05/2007
SSU Senate Resolution on Second Pilot Year of FYE 03/22/2007
Resolution in Support of the California Faculty Association in Bargaining with the California State University 02/08/2007
Motion (from the Senate floor) political expression of students 02/08/2007
Resolution Endorsing Statewide Academic Senate Resolution AS-2771-06/AA/FGA “Fulfilling the Principles of Cornerstones in the New Strategic Plan” 12/14/2006
Senate resolution regarding Revenue Bonds for the Green Music Center 09/14/2006
Resolution from the Senate's Executive Committee on a Commission to Study the Leasing of the Bookstore 07/05/2006
Regarding Contracting Bookstore Services to Barnes and Noble 05/25/2006
Resolution Honoring Elizabeth Stanny, Chair of the Faculty, 2005-2006 05/25/2006
Resolution Regarding New “Center for Gender and Cultures” 05/11/2006
Resolution Endorsing Core Academic Priorities 04/27/2006
Resolution from the Art History Faculty Concerning Faculty. Workload 04/27/2006
Resolution on the Green Music Center 03/23/2006