E.g., 07/14/2024
E.g., 07/14/2024

If you are aware of resolutions approved by the Senate that are not listed here, please contact the Senate office. 

Resolution Title Date
Resolution Against Unilateral U.S. Military Action in Iraq 03/20/2003
Lecturer Seat Term Length 03/06/2003
Statement of the Mission, Goals & 0bjectives of General Education at Sonoma State University 03/06/2003
Lecturers' Resolution on Tenure Track Hirings 02/20/2003
Resolution on the Selection of the Provost Search Committee Chair 02/06/2003
Resolution in support of conducting an audit of greenhouse gas emissions at Sonoma State University in conjunction with Sonoma County Climate Protection Campaign 10/17/2002
Resolution on the Search of Provost 10/03/2002
Resolution Commending Rick Luttmann, Chair of the Faculty, 2001-2002 05/23/2002
Resolution Urging Members of the California Legislature to Oppose the Legislative Analyst’s Recommendation to Take Money from Institutional Aid Programs and Redirect It to the Cal Grant Program. 05/09/2002
Resolution Regarding the Recruitment of an Underrepresented Group 05/09/2002
Resolution Regarding Preservation of Access, Affordability, and Quality 03/21/2002
Sonoma State University Diversity Vision Statement 12/13/2001
Compensation for Lecturers elected to the Academic Senate 11/08/2001
On October 25, 2001 the Sonoma State University Academic Senate approved the following principles of the Living Wage Movement 10/25/2001
Resolution in Support of Human Rights 09/27/2001
Resolution Endorsing CFA Teach-in 09/13/2001
Resolution Honoring Phil Mcgough for His Service as Chair of the Faculty During the 2000-2001 Academic Year 08/30/2001
Resolution of the Sonoma State University Academic Senate On The Occasion of the Retirement of Robert Karlsrud Professor of History and Dean of the School of Social Sciences 05/10/2001
Resolution on Year - Round Operations (YRO) 04/05/2001
Resolution of Concern Regarding Chancellor Reed's Leadership of the California State University System 03/22/2001