Chairs of the Faculty

Picture of faculty chairs and senate analyst
From left to right: Rick Luttmann, Noel Byrne, Catherine Nelson, Elizabeth Stanny, Elaine Newman, Tim Wandling, Scott Miller, Susan Moulton, John Wingard, Laurel Holmstrom-Keyes (Senate Analyst), Ben Ford, Margie Purser, Richard J. Senghas, Carmen Works, Laura Watt  - photo taken Spring 2018

Chairs of the Faculty
Academic Year Name of Chair
1961-1962 Herbert Fougner. Education
1962-1963 Cheryl Peterson, Political Science
1963-1964 Richard Madden, Education
1964-1965 Kenneth Stocking, Biology
1965-1966 William O. Cord, Foreign Languages
1966-1967 Galen Clothier, Biology
1967-1968 Warren E. Olson, Hutchins
1968-1969 Joe Brumbaugh, Biology
1969-1970 Steve Pickett, Library
1970-1971 Ken Marcus, Political Science
Fall 1971 Duncan Gillies, Education
Spring 1972 Mildred Dickemann, Anthropology
1972-1973 Frank Siroky, Psychology
1973-1974 Ella Trussell, Health Sciences and Physical Education
1974-1975 Clement E. Falbo, Mathematics
1975-1976 Jean Day, Library
1976-1977 Cheryl Peterson, Political Science
1977-1978 Eli Katz, Linguistics
1978-1979 Warren E. Olson, Hutchins
1979-1980 Mary Arnold, Foreign Languages
1980-1981 Mildred Dickemann, Anthropology
1981-1982 Robert Brown, History
1982-1983 Barry Godolphin, Psychology
1983-1984 William Poe, History
1984-1985 Phil Temko, Philosophy
1985-1986 Dan Markwyn, History
1986-1987 Helen Dunn, English
1987-1988 Larry Snyder, Music
1988-1989 Leonide Martin, Nursing
1989-1990 Ken Marcus, Criminal Justice
1990-1991 Yvette Fallandy, Modern Languges
1991-1992 William Barnier, Mathematics
1992-1993 Arthur Hills, Music
1993-1994 Ardath Lee, Hutchins
1994-1995 Charles Merrill, Psychology
1995-1996 Martha Rapp Ruddell, Education
1996-1997 Melinda Barnard, Communication Studies
1997-1998 Sue Parker, Anthropology
1998-1999 Steve Orlick, Environmental Studies & Planning
1999-2000 Andy Merrifield, Political Science
2000-2001 Phil McGough, Business Administration
2001-2002 Rick Luttmann, Mathematics
2002-2003 Noel Byrne, Sociology
2003-2004 Catherine Nelson, Political Science
2004-2005 Melanie Dreisbach, Education
2005-2006 Elizabeth Stanny, Business Administration
2006-2007 Elaine Newman, Mathematics
2007-2008 Timothy Wandling, English
2008-2009 Scott Miller, Writing Center
2009-2010 Susan Moulton, Art and Art History
2010-2011 John Wingard, Anthropology
2011-2012 Ben Ford, Mathematics and Statistics
2012 - 2014 Margaret Purser, Anthropology (first time a chair could be elected to a second term)
2014 - 2016 Richard J. Senghas, Anthropology
2016 - 2017 Ben Ford, Mathematics and Statistics
2017 - 2018 Carmen Works, Chemistry
2018 - 2020 Laura Watt, Geography, Environment and Planning
2020-2021 Jeffrey Reeder, Modern Languages and Literature
2021-2022 Lauren Morimoto, Kinesiology