E.g., 03/22/2023
E.g., 03/22/2023

If you are aware of resolutions approved by the Senate that are not listed here, please contact the Senate office. 

Resolution Title Date
Resolution Endorsing CSU Fullerton Academic Senate Resolution ASD 09-177, “Resolution in Support of Shared Governance at CSU Dominguez Hills” 11/12/2009
Opposition to Imposition of Restrictions on Double Majors, Minors, and Major Changes 11/12/2009
Resolution on a Diversity Coordinator for Academic Affairs 10/29/2009
Resolution Recognizing the Work of the Senate's Ad-hoc Diversity Committee 10/15/2009
Faculty Response to Four Day Schedule 09/17/2009
Congratulations to Jeffrey Reeder, Sonoma County Bike Commuter of the Year, 2009 05/21/2009
Resolution of the Senate to continue its Ad-Hoc Diversity Committee until October 1, 2009. 05/21/2009
Resolution Praising the Remarkable Service of Dr. Scott Miller, Chair of the Faculty, 2008 – 2009 05/21/2009
The Senate endorses the following recommendations of the Senate Ad Hoc Task Force on Diversity regarding the Center for, Culture, Gender and Sexuality (CCGS). 05/07/2009
Resolution Affirming the Standing of Sonoma State University Professors Emeritus 03/05/2009
Resolution Condemning Hate Crimes Against Members of the Campus Community 10/30/2008
Opposition to Prop 8 10/02/2008
Senate Resolution on Ad-hoc Diversity Committee 05/22/2008
Resolution Praising the Exemplary Service of Dr. Timothy Wandling, Chair of the Faculty, 2007-2008 05/22/2008
Resolution from the Student Affairs Committee Concerning Clinical Staffing Ratios at Ssu’s Counseling and Psychological Services 04/24/2008
Resolution Commemorating the Anthropological Studies Center on its 35th Anniversary 04/24/2008
Reaffirmation of University Policy on Non-discrimination and Recommended Action Regarding Blood Banks on Campus 04/24/2008
Resolution in Support of 05/02/08 Workshop Addressing Equity, Diversity, and Affirmative Action 04/24/2008
Resolution to Approve UNIV 150 as a Catalog Course 03/20/2008
Resolution Regarding Sonoma State Academic Senate Response to the Spring 2007 No Confidence Vote 03/06/2008