E.g., 03/22/2023
E.g., 03/22/2023

If you are aware of resolutions approved by the Senate that are not listed here, please contact the Senate office. 

Resolution Title Date
Resolution Recommending the Appointment of a Faculty Trustee and the Addition of a Second Faculty Trustee to the CSU Board of Trustees 09/12/2013
Resolution In Support of War and Peace Lecture Series 05/29/2013
Resolution on the Continuing Service of Margaret Purser and Richard Senghas 05/29/2013
Resolution in Support of an SSU Statement on Civility and Tolerance 04/25/2013
Resolution Urging Amendments to California SB 520, Steinberg (D-Sacramento) Creating the “California Online Student Access Platform” 04/11/2013
Resolution to Guarantee Year-Round On-Campus Housing for Current and Former Foster Youth Attending SSU 02/21/2013
Resolution Reaffirming the Importance of Graduate Programs and Access to Those Programs 12/13/2012
Resolution of Appreciation and“Welcome Back!” for Laurel Holmstrom 11/29/2012
Resolution Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the SSU Vietnam Veterans Memorial Grove 11/08/2012
Opposition to Proposition 32 09/27/2012
Resolution Regarding CSU Board of Trustees’ Committee on Educational Policy September 2012 Agenda Item 3, Upper-Division General Education and Degree Completion, Information (Amended) 09/27/2012
Resolution Endorsing Academic Senate CSU (ASCSU) Resolution AS-3090-12/EX Support of Proposition 30 on the November 2012 Ballot 08/30/2012
Resolution Regarding Search for New Chancellor 06/14/2012
A Call for Respect for Faculty Authority Over Curricular Matters 05/12/2012
Resolution Endorsing Associated Students of Sonoma State University’s Resolution “Preserve our Student Services and Programs” 05/10/2012
Resolution Honoring Ben Ford for His Service as Chair of the Faculty, Sonoma State University, 2011-2012 05/10/2012
Resolution on the Establishment of Structure to Support Sustainability Efforts 04/26/2012
Resolution Opposing the Potential Cessation of Awarding State University Grants to Graduate Students 04/12/2012
Resolution Regarding the Subsidization of Category II (Local) Student Fees for Low Income Students 02/23/2012
Shared Governance, the Academic Senate CSU (ASCSU) and the Leadership of Chancellor Charles B. Reed 12/15/2011