Faculty Governance and the Faculty of Sonoma State University embrace our identity as a member of COPLAC. We are the only COPLAC university in California. The Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges advances the aims of its member institutions and drives awareness of the value of high-quality, public liberal arts education in a student-centered, residential environment.

Sonoma State University is a public, liberal arts and sciences, student-centered, residential campus. We manifest our liberal arts and sciences identity in a variety of ways, including service learning, close relationships between faculty and students, student research opportunities, first year experience, and high impact practices for learning. We distinguish ourselves among the other COPLAC institutions by being a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and infusing diversity, equity and inclusion in all our university efforts and programs.

We affirm that a well-rounded, interdisciplinary liberal arts and sciences education prepares our students to be ready for any career path and will bring to any organization the skills and abilities needed for a thriving career experience. Most employers want candidates to have critical thinking, good communication, problem-solving skills and a breadth of knowledge. This what a liberal arts and science education provides. We are proud to be part of the tradition of a liberal arts and sciences education.

For more information about COPLAC: http://coplac.org/ and http://coplac.org/mission/

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