Readings of Interest to faculty

Items of interest regarding faculty governance and other topics are gathered here for your reading and thinking pleasure

How to organize around issues and build faculty power

Small Changes to Promote DEI in College Classrooms

Teaching: What Stands in the Way of Better Teaching?

Five ways chairs can, and should, help sustain positive changes to teaching and learning that have resulted from the pandemic

Academe’s Neglected Responsibility

Bringing PEACE to support all students

Stop Playing it Safe: The Peril of the Generic College

Beyond Productivity Hacks and Time Management Tricks

Teaching: Solving the Student-Motivation Problem One Piece at a Time

A Teachable Moment - How we might teach the War in Ukraine

Educators’ Right and Responsibilities to Engage in Antiracist Teaching

Teaching news literacy in the midst of unfolding crises: The Russian invasion of Ukraine

Teaching: Going beyond the Workshop in Faculty Development

The Other CRT: Culturally Responsive Teaching

Teaching Problematic Texts

The Redefinition of Rigor

Teaching: Tweaks to Improve Grading and Assessment

How to give your students better feedback with technology

What Are We Saying When We Thank Students for Sharing?

Tackling the Stack - tips for grading essays 

Creating a Friendlier Syllabus

Dialogue, not Debate

A Tale of 2 Communities (of Learners)

Annotate This: How a Common Academic Practice Can Boost Learning

Grades Can Hinder Learning: What should Professors Use Instead?

Cut Students Some Slack Already

Teaching: Surviving a Semester like No Other

Education Surges When Student's Learn Together

Everything About How We Evaluate Teaching Needs a Makeover

The Path to Full Professor: the Department's Obligation

Teaching Neurodiverse Students

Leveraging Cognitive Dissonance to Enhance Student Learning

Why Students Hate Group Work (and how to change that)

Students See impact of COVID on Professors - infographic

Have we gotten Student Success completely backward?

Let’s Talk About Race and Academic Integrity

Teaching: Worried About Cutting Content? This Study Suggests It’s OK

10 Arguments for Inciting Learning

Faculty Research Success on a Shoestring

10 Commandments of Experiential Learning

5 Essential Ways of Knowing

Developing Strategic Thinking Skills in Grad School

Starting Off Right with the Syllabus