Executive Committee (ExCom)


The Executive Committee shall delegate to the standing committees tasks it deems appropriate to each committee's charge as described in Article V, Section 3, herein. The Executive Committee shall receive agendas, reports, and recommendations from the standing committees. The Executive Committee shall review the recommendations and, when it deems necessary, provide advice to the committees before the recommendations are referred to the Senate. The Executive Committee shall receive the opinions of faculty members on matters affecting the welfare of the University. The Executive Committee shall report on its activities at each meeting of the Senate.

Structure and Functions is a subcommittee of the Executive Committee

Structure and Functions (S&F)


The Executive Committee of the Senate shall establish a Structure and Functions Subcommittee to supervise faculty elections, review organizational changes in faculty governance structures, and function as the primary body to recommend faculty to university committees, other bodies or positions. Some appointments may require the consent of the Executive Committee or the Senate as described by committee membership rules.

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