Guidelines for Business Between Meetings

These guidelines were created by Structure and Functions

All university-related committees are encouraged at the beginning of the semester with the chair and the committee members to set parameters for work that will take place outside of regular committee meetings (e.g., via email). We encourage the following: 

  • In general, if conducting work in between meanings via email or other means streamlines work and reduces workload, a committee may consider conducting business in between scheduled meetings as useful. 

    • S&F recognizes that every committee's work is different and that it may be difficult to determine if conducting business outside of a regular meeting will reduce overall faculty workload. Therefore, decisions should be made by the committee as a whole.

  • If conducting work outside scheduled meetings would expand or increase workload, that committee business should not be conducted outside regular meetings

  • NOTE: Attention should be paid to avoiding workload increase.

N.B. Some committee business should not be conducted outside of regular meetings such as confidential discussion of candidates and any other confidential matter.