Policies Recommended by the Senate


Policy Name Most recent issue date Senate Committee Responsibility

Academic Freedom

2008 AFS
Academic Probation, Disqualification and Progress 2017 University Standards
Admissions Procedures, Conditionally Classified and Classified Graduate


Advising 6/22/07 AAS
Animal Care and Use 03/26/2018 FSSA
Attendance Policy - go to page 424 of this link 2017 EPC/SAC
Cheating and Plagiarism 5/18/2017 SAC
Conflict of Interest: Funds awarded by NSF and PHS 2012 FSSA
Copyright Ownership 2001 FSSA
Course Instructional Materials Adoption 4/2/13 APARC
Courses and Programs Offered Through the School of Extended and International Education 2014 APARC
Credit/No-Credit Grading 6/1/87 EPC
Department Chairs, Appointment and Duties of 2021 FSAC
Difference in Pay 2012 FSAC
Disruptive Student Behavior 2012 SAC
Emeritus Faculty 6/1/93 FSAC
Endowed Chairs 2004 FSAC
Enrollment in Thesis Courses 2014 GSS
Faculty Consultation in Budgetary Matters 7/9/06 rescinded 2016 APARC
Faculty Consultation in University Decision Making 2016 APARC
Faculty Early Retirement Program 9/4/85 FSAC
Faculty Merit Increases: Criteria and Procedures 9/24/99 FSAC
Faculty Merit Increases: Appeals  only used until 6/1/00 FSAC
Field Trip Policy, Interim 2020 EPC
Final Examinations 12/9/85 EPC/FSAC
Formal Dispute Resolution Procedures 12/15/10 SAC
General Education Course, Three Unit Standard 2/1/12 EPC
Grade Appeal Policy 4/11/14 SAC
Graduate Level Writing Proficiency Requirement December 1986 EPC/GSS
Honors at Graduation 6/17/05


Instructional Faculty Office Hours and Availability 4/15/2017 FSAC
Intellectual Property 5/25/11 FSSA
Internships 5/19/2020 EPC
Lecturers in Departmental Governance 12/12/14 S&F
Lecturers, Range Elevation 2017 FSAC
Misconduct in Research 2004 FSSA
Online and/or Hybrid Instruction 2/14/13 APARC
Periodic Evaluation of Athletic Coaching Faculty 5/10/2018 FSAC
Periodic Evaluation of Temporary Faculty 5/3/18 FSAC
Periodic Review of University Administrators 9/15/06 FSAC/S&F
Priority Registration 12/8/11 SAC
Program Review 2021 UPRS
Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion Procedures, Criteria and Standards for Tenured and Probationary Faculty 2021 FSAC
Representation on Administrative Appointment Committees 2016 S&F
Sabbatical 4/25/12 FSAC
Shared Responsibilities and Mid Term Evaluation (under review) 4/30/86 SAC
Student Evaluation of Teaching 10/28/2014 FSAC
Student Grievance Policy 2018 SAC
Syllabus 6/8/2018 EPC
Tenure Track Faculty Hiring 5/22/06 FSAC
Thesis Project, Public Nature 5/7/85 GSS
WEPT 6/24/10 EPC
Withdrawal from Courses May 2020 University Standards