Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of Academic Senate meetings are available in the following formats - pdf documents stored in ScholarWorks, and Word files in the Senate office.

All the Senate and Executive Committee agendas and minutes beginning in 2000 are now available in the University's Institutional Repository - ScholarWorks. You can search ScholarWorks, so finding specific items from the agendas or minutes is relatively easy. We are currently starting to upload Standing Committee documents.

How to Get Minutes Prior to Fall 2000 or for other committees

To get the complete minutes prior to Fall 2000 in electronic format, please email the Senate office with the complete date of the Senate meeting minutes you desire and they will be returned to you via email, if possible. Earlier minutes may or may not be in an electronic format.

For minutes of other Faculty Governance committee meetings, please email the Senate office with the name of the committee, date of meeting and, if the minutes are available and approved, they will be emailed back.

Abstracts for the Senate meetings are also available from the Senate office. These can be helpful to find what items were discussed, approved, etc. at what meeting. Abstracts are available electronically from the Senate office via email.