E.g., 03/18/2019
E.g., 03/18/2019

If you are aware of resolutions approved by the Senate that are not listed here, please contact the Senate office. 

Resolution Regarding University Response to Protest 12/15/2011
Resolution Calling for Suspension of the CSU Online 12/01/2011
Resolution In Opposition to Proposed Revision to the CSU Presidential Selection Process 09/01/2011
Resolution Requesting Letter Sent to an Impartial Third Party Requesting an Evaluation of the Recent Student Referendum 05/19/2011
Resolution Honoring Professor John Wingard for his Service as Chair of the Faculty, Sonoma State University, 2010-2011 05/19/2011
Resolution Regarding the Proposed Changes to the Title 5 ‘american Institutions’ Requirement 05/05/2011
Resolution in Honor of Professor Robert Coleman-Senghor (1940-2011) 04/14/2011
Resolution on Creating a Gender and Sexuality Stakeholder’s Exploratory Work Group 02/24/2011
Resolution on Faculty Governance Right to Approve Early Start Program at Sonoma State University 11/18/2010
Resolution on Mandatory Early Start Programs 10/28/2010
Resolution: Endorsing the Recommendation to Create a Student Advocate Position in Saem 10/14/2010
Resolution in support of the Director of Diversity and Inclusive Excellence 09/16/2010
Resolution in support of the Director of Undergraduate Studies 09/16/2010
Resolution Acclaiming and Commending Susan Moulton, Chair of the Faculty, 2009-2010 05/27/2010
Resolution Applauding Recognition of Norooz by U.S. House of Representatives 04/29/2010
Resolution Opposing Expansion of WalMart in Rohnert Park 03/11/2010
Resolution in Support of Santa Rosa City Schools District's Librarians 02/25/2010
Resolution: Budgeting a minimum of 55% of State Support Budget in Academic Units 02/25/2010
Endorsement of FSAC Statement on Faculty/Staff Civility 02/11/2010
Opposition to Imposition of Restrictions on Double Majors, Minors, and Major Changes 11/12/2009