Faculty Retreat

The Annual Faculty Retreat was held on January 17, 2019 in the Wine Spectator Learning Center

This year's topic was: Shared Governance at the Crossroads: Building Better Definitions and Expectations from the Faculty Perspective

We had a talk by President Sakaki about her vision of shared governance. We had a talk from Dr. Adrianna Kezar about her research into best practices for shared governance and she also provide us with some historical context for shared governance. 

The preliminary results of the Shared Governance survey were presented by Vice Chair Melinda Milligan. A more formal and comphrensive report about the survey and the retreat will be created this semester and sent out to all faculty. 

Break-out sessions after lunch included:

  • What should we be doing? Creating a mission and vision for faculty governance
  • Freedom to Speak Your Mind: Safety issues in faculty governance committees
  • Effective Faculty Governance: Communication and Transparency in the faculty governance
  • Who Does What?: Understanding the Role of Administrators in faculty governance

The Senate's Executive Committee will discuss how to task our Standing or Subcommittees with discussing and perhaps implementing the recommendations from these sessions. 

The powerpoint presentation from Dr. Kezar (requires SSU login)

Preliminary results of Shared Governance Survey