Resolution in Support of Santa Rosa Junior College Faculty

Whereas members of the Santa Rosa Junior College Republicans targeted 10 faculty members at SRJC by posting Section 51530 of the California Education Code which forbids the teaching of communism "with the intent to indoctrinate or to inculcate in the mind of any pupil a preference for communism" and

Whereas the same aforementioned Republicans taped a copy of this section of the code to the office doors of the aforementioned 10 faculty members - along with a red star to designate "communist" and

Whereas the SRJC faculty members felt under attack, stigmatized and even persecuted for simply promoting the free expression of ideas in the classroom and in their role as teachers and

Whereas the Academic Senate condemns the stigmatizing of faculty members who express ideas, whether they are conventional or unconventional, popular or unpopular and

Whereas the Academic Senate condemns attempts to restrict the free flow of ideas, as well as attempts to intimidate teachers.

Therefore be it resolved that the Academic Senate expresses its support for and solidarity with the 10 targeted SRJC faculty members and wholeheartedly endorses academic freedom.

Approved by the Senate