Resolution in Support of Santa Rosa City Schools District's Librarians

Whereas Sonoma State University educates many students from the Santa Rosa City (SRC) School District and Sonoma County and values the continued academic readiness of these students, and

Whereas Sonoma State prepares many credential teachers to work as professionals in the SRC School District and Sonoma County, and

Whereas Sonoma State faculty lend their expertise to schools in the SRC School District and understand the key role that school librarians and libraries play in the academic success and lifelong learning of students,

Therefore be it,

Resolved that the Academic Senate of Sonoma State University (ASSSU) recognizes the continued importance that school librarians and libraries play in preparing students for success in higher education and in developing life-long critical thinking and learning skills; and be it further,

Resolved that the ASSSU commends school librarians and K-12 teachers in their collaborative efforts to assure students equitable access to a quality education; and be it further,

Resolved that the ASSSU recommends and supports the retention of all school librarians in the Santa Rosa School District due to their already low staffing levels and the key role they play in assisting with the success of the district's more than 16,500 students and 850 teachers.

Resolved that a copy of this resolution be sent to the Santa Rosa City School District Superintendent and the School Board members of Santa Rosa City Schools.

Additional rationale:

Currently, school librarians serve multiple school libraries with little or no library budget, yet they continue to play an integral role in student achievement and in their collaborative efforts with teaching faculty. On any given day, school librarians may teach students how to evaluate and properly cite web sources, teach research strategies, give note-taking and study skills lessons, instruct students on how to research career options, assist students in navigating the college application process, review and edit writing assignments, brainstorm with teaching faculty on technology-related staff development, and more.

The Santa Rosa School District is proposing to cut 7 1/2 school librarian positions. This will leave only 1 full-time position to oversee libraries at 5 high schools, 5 middle schools, 11 elementary schools, and 4 alternative schools that serve over 16,500 students and 850 teachers.

The collaborative efforts between these school librarians and the K-12 teachers will be lost thereby continuing to increase teacher workload and further impeding the long-term success of students

Approved by the Senate