Resolution in Support of the California Faculty Association in Bargaining with the California State University

Sponsored by: Judith Abbott, Debora Hammond, Paula Lane, Barbara Lesch McCaffry, Rick Luttmann, Elaine McDonald-Newman, Birch Moonwoman, Catherine Nelson, William Poe, Edith Prentice Mendez

Resolved: that the Sonoma State University Academic Senate, consistent with its constitutional responsibility to “…serve as the primary body through which members of the faculty may express opinions on matters affecting the welfare of the university,” (Article I, Section 2 Constitution of the Faculty of Sonoma State University), fully supports the California Faculty Association (CFA) in its bargaining with the California State University (CSU), and urges the CSU Administration to return to the bargaining table and negotiate in good faith.

Be it further resolved: that this resolution be forwarded to the Sonoma State University President and Provost, all CSU Academic Senates, the CSU Chapter of the CFA, and the Trustees and Chancellor of the CSU.

Rationale: The Sonoma State University (SSU) Academic Senate represents the faculty of SSU as they engage in their primary responsibility for the educational functions of the university. The Senate has the role of advocating for policies and actions that promote excellence in higher education. The delivery of quality instruction depends upon the recruitment and retention of well-qualified faculty, which in turn depends, to a large extent, upon competitive salaries. In the last decade, the Consumer Price Index and raises for campus presidents have seriously outpaced faculty salary increases. In the current round of bargaining for a new contract, regular negotiations and the further statutory step of mediation ended without agreement on the crucial issue of faculty compensation. While the CFA has bargained in good faith, the CSU Administration has attempted to back out of tentative agreements already reached, and has made offers that it is not willing to negotiate. As fact finding, the final statutory stage of bargaining, commences, it is important that the CSU Administration recognize the opportunity in the bargaining process to demonstrate its commitment to the CSU faculty.

Unanimously approved by the Senate