Resolution of the Sonoma State University Academic Senate On The Occasion of the Retirement of Robert Karlsrud Professor of History and Dean of the School of Social Sciences

WHEREAS, Robert "Bob" Karlsrud temporarily left his chair in the History Department at Sonoma State University to serve as the Associate Dean of the School of Social Sciences, for five years and

WHEREAS, Bob Karlsrud served an additional fifteen years as Dean of the School of Social Sciences, while continuing to be an active member of the Department of History, and

WHEREAS, during the entire two decades that Bob Karlsrud served as an Associate Dean and Dean of an academic school, he never forgot that he was still first and foremost a member of the faculty of Sonoma State University, and

WHEREAS, Bob Karlsrud always understood that the primary role of the administration of the university is to serve the students and the faculty, and

WHEREAS, Bob Karlsrud understood that the best way an academic administrator can serve the students of a university is to remain truly collaborative and communicative with his colleagues in the faculty, and

WHEREAS, Bob Karlsrud's actions on behalf of the faculty, so that they could continue as the center of the educational process with the students, transcended the School of Social Science, as he served on numerous all university committees, worked closely with all the other school deans, and represented Sonoma State University in the larger community,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Academic Senate of Sonoma State University recognize Robert Karlsrud for his contribution to the students of Sonoma State University, the Department of History, the School of Social Sciences, the Division of Academic Affairs and the University as a whole, and we sincerely hope that he enjoy his well deserved retirement, while looking forward to his return to the teaching faculty. We may never see his likes again, but we certainly hope we do.

Unanimously approved by the Senate