Resolution of the Senate to continue its Ad-Hoc Diversity Committee until October 1, 2009.

BE IT RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of Sonoma State University (“the Senate”) extend the existence of the Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity and the term of each member until October 1, 2009. The purpose of extending the life of the committee is to allow it to complete the work it has begun and to deliver its reports and recommendations to the Senate. The Senate explicitly does not expect the committee to take up any new initiatives, even if the result will be that some aspects of the original charge are unfulfilled. Should any committee member wish not to continue to serve through to October 1, 2009, the committee chair(s) will determine whether replacing that member is beneficial to completing its work and either continue at a reduced size or request that the Chair of the Faculty appoint a replacement.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That the Senate recognize that the Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity has formed three subcommittees, which are at different stages of completion with respect to their different tasks. Accordingly, the Senate understands that the work of one subcommittee may be completed and presented to the Senate while the work of the other subcommittee is still in progress. The Senate will accept multiple reports (including recommendations) and discharge one subcommittee while the others continue to complete its charge under this resolution. The Senate will accept but does not require an overarching report from the committee as a whole.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That the Senate commend the hard work of the Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity during the 2008 – 2009 academic year and its willingness to extend its term in order to complete the work it has begun.

Approved by the Senate