Resolution regarding Military Recruiters On Campus

WHEREAS Sonoma State University has a long-standing policy of nondiscrimination, which extends to the category sexual orientation; and

WHEREAS the University requires all employers coming onto campus for recruiting to certify that they subscribe to this non-discrimination policy; and

WHEREAS the U S military is unable honestly to so certify due to its open and blatant policy of discrimination against gay and lesbian persons; and

WHEREAS this campus has therefore been closed to the military; and

WHEREAS the U S Congress has passed a law known as the “Solomon Amendment” which provides that any campus which is closed to the military is ineligible to receive federal funds, including student aid; and

WHEREAS this University, as well as hundreds of others across the nation, has been forced to admit military recruiters in violation of its own principles in order to avoid severe injury to innocent third parties, namely, its students; and

WHEREAS the U S military has scheduled appearances on this campus on three occasions in the near future for the purpose of recruiting;

therefore be it

RESOLVED that this Senate reaffirms its policy of non-discrimination; and furthermore be it

RESOLVED that this Senate deplores the methods by which the U S military has forced its way onto this campus, and calls upon the Congress to rescind the Solomon Amendment forthwith; and furthermore be it

RESOLVED that this Senate hereby notifies U S military recruiters that, notwithstanding the legal right which they have by these unethical means obtained to secure access to Sonoma State students, they should have no illusion that they are welcome on this campus as long as they continue to practice blatant discrimination against members of the community.