Resolution re: FERP Faculty and RTP Committees

Resolution Requesting Hiatus of Policy Prohibiting FERP Faculty on RTP Committees

RESOLVED: That the SSU Academic Senate request SSU Faculty Affairs to put a hiatus on the recent re-interpretation that FERP faculty cannot serve on RTP committees, until FSAC addresses the issue in policy; and it be further

RESOLVED: That any further changes in interpretation of policy regarding the evaluation of faculty work be provided to the Chair of the Faculty for consultation purposes within faculty governance; and be it further

RESOLVED: That departments who had elected FERP faculty to serve on an RTP committee be allowed to ask for permission again to allow them to serve. If they are denied, then an explanation and discussion between the President’s designee and the department in question take place in the light of the increased workload and loss of disciplinary expertise on the committee.

RESOLVED: That this resolution be sent to the SSU President, Provost, and AVP of Faculty Affairs.

Unanimously approved by the Senate