Resolution on the Matter of Margaret Purser

Whereas Dr. Margaret Purser, Professor of Anthropology, has completed not just one, but two consecutive year-long terms as the Chair of the Faculty, our first Chair to do so under the new constitutional configuration; and

Whereas Our Esteemed Colleague has dedicated decades of service to Sonoma State University, and has drawn on that depth of institutional experience as she has provided leadership and sage advice for both faculty governance and the university administration; and

Whereas Dr. Purser has served in numerous faculty governance positions, including (but not limited to) those as senator, Graduate Studies Subcommittee member (chair), and the myriad committees and subcommittees required by holding the offices of Chair Elect (the last to do so!) and Chair of the Faculty; and

Whereas Dr. Purser has convened this august body in the widest range of geographical locations, from the University Commons with its range of climactic and acoustic conditions, to the Green Music Center main stage of Weill Hall (where for once every whispered word could be heard), to the Ballrooms of the new Student Center (where acoustics return as a challenge), while sporting a range of chic accoutrements, including an ever-so fashionable tiara and wand, elegant scarves, curious hats, and even monstrous spiders; and

Whereas So very often, behind the scenes and through innumerable, direct, one-on-one conversations, Margie has provided guidance, counsel, empathy and friendship, or even just a sorely needed sympathetic ear and timely words of encouragement to students, staff, administrators, and faculty alike; and

Whereas Margie has invoked her versatile, virtual Front Porch time wherever and whenever needed, from convocations enlivened by musical friends to lunchtime conversations with the faculty, whether to conduct stimulating discourse on the nature of spaces and places, to reflect on heterarchy as an adaptive organizational principle, or to recount shenanigans as coping mechanisms in the face of the absurd;

Therefore, be it hereby

Resolved, that the Academic Senate of Sonoma State University express its highest regard for and gratitude to our friend, colleague, collaborator, and generous leader for all her contributions; and furthermore,

Resolved, that the members of the Academic Senate, look forward to more time on the Front Porch with Margie, unencumbered by interference from Robert’s Rules of Order.

Approved by acclamation