Resolution Honoring Phil Mcgough for His Service as Chair of the Faculty During the 2000-2001 Academic Year

WHEREAS Phil McGough has demonstrated exemplary leadership in a time of severe duress for the University; and

WHEREAS he has been devoted to the principles of shared government and institutional accountability; and

WHEREAS he presided over University events including Senate meetings with wit, style, charm, tolerance, and candor during the past year; and

WHEREAS he has an enviable ability to create a climate of collaboration and consensus building among faculty and between faculty and administrators, yet has been courageous in defending the faculty’s rights and responsibilities; and

WHEREAS he has exhibited goodwill and good humor, whether faced with chaos, calamity, hysteria, despair, or incompetence; therefor be it

RESOLVED that the Academic Senate of Sonoma State University
commend and applaud him for his exemplary service and unstinting devotion to Sonoma State University
extend its deep gratitude and profound respect in recognition of his highly meritorious service; and

hereby deem him PARLIAMENTARIAN EXTRAORDINAIRE for his deep knowledge and abiding love for Robert’s Rules of Order, and wish him well in this his year of service as PAST CHAIR of the Faculty.

Unanimously approved by the Senate