Resolution Honoring Melanie Dreisbach, Chair of the Faculty 2004-2005

WHEREAS Melanie Dreisbach led the faculty with integrity, grace, kindness, evenhandedness and sincerity fostering an atmosphere of collaboration, cooperation, and accomplishment; and

WHEREAS she invigorated and revitalized Convocation with creative presentations and an inspired speech; and

WHEREAS she worked tirelessly and selflessly, devoting herself to leading the Senate through a challenging year with brilliance and panache; and

WHEREAS she initiated social events that connected the campus community, including Fridays at Four and a Faculty hors d'oeuvres party, where food and ideas were shared; and

WHEREAS her commitment to open communication and transparency enabled her to develop creative solutions to difficult problems; and

WHEREAS her excitement and engagement in working on behalf of the faculty and institution inspired others to become involved in governance; therefore, be it

RESOLVED That the Academic Senate and the faculty of Sonoma State University express their extreme appreciation for her fabulous leadership and contagious optimism that distinguished her tenure as Chair of the Faculty of Sonoma State University.

Approved by the Senate