Resolution Honoring Elizabeth Stanny, Chair of the Faculty, 2005-2006

Whereas Elizabeth Stanny, with her spirit of open mindfulness, demonstrated courageous and calm leadership as she searched for consensus and collaboration between faculty and the administration; and

Whereas she has been devoted to furthering consultation on campus, leading a spirited debate and enlightening us all to the meaning of shared governance and collegiality; and

Whereas she has turned her keen eye and intelligence to all things relating to budget, requiring institutional accountability broadly and in the most obscure budget line items; and

Whereas her tireless research in academic planning has contributed invaluably to the faculty’s statement of priorities, demanding that we do more than just state what we believe in; and

Whereas she has accomplished all of the above with a never-failing good humor and candor, and most importantly, she adjourned almost all meetings on time; therefore be it

Resolved that, as we still cannot imagine the physical contortions mastered by the yogi she is, we take a deep breath and express our extreme appreciation for her devotion to leading us on the mental path of collegiality, budget wisdom, and just plain good common sense that has marked her tenure as Chair of the Faculty of Sonoma State University.