Resolution honoring Bruce Berkowitz for his service to Sonoma State University promoting diversity efforts, 1980-2013

Whereas, Bruce Berkowitz, Program Coordinator for Associated Student Productions (ASP), stepped in to ensure the planning and publicity for Diversity programming on campus when the Women’s Center and Intercultural Center were eliminated, and

Whereas, he continued to carry out this endeavor during the many iterations of today’s HUB including the Center for Culture, Gender and Sexuality (CCGS) and the Multicultural Center which frequently had no permanent staff or funding, and

Whereas, during this time he continued to ensure the Heritage Lecture Series was planned and publicized each year, and

Whereas, he consistently supported programming for the University’s various lecture courses including the Feminist Lecture Series, the Holocaust and Genocide Lecture Series, the Queer Studies Lecture Series, and the War and Peace Lecture Series, and

Whereas he ensured that there was programming for the various history months, and

Whereas, he hired and trained a diverse group of students each year to help plan and implement programming and many of these students became campus leaders as a result of this experience, and

Whereas, he also personally supported numerous, students who were struggling to find their niche at SSU, and

Whereas, he ensured that a significant amount of the ASP programming had diversity and related themes and had significant co-curricular components every semester, and

Whereas, he worked with faculty, students and others across campus to try and accommodate their needs and requests, and

Whereas, he tirelessly promoted ASP programs to ensure the largest possible audience with the motto “You may be entertained while you're educated,” and

Whereas, he consistently carried out his philosophy that “the world is run by those who show up, regardless of whether or not someone is a genius or an exceptional talent. It is the people who are committed and show up that make a difference both at SSU and in the world.”

Therefore be it

Resolved: that the Academic Senate of Sonoma State University offer genuine and profound appreciation to Bruce Berkowitz for his gifted service to the University for more than thirty years, most recently as Program Coordinator for Associated Students; and be it further

Resolved: that the members of the Academic Senate wish him an enjoyable and well-deserved retirement.

Unanimously approved by the Senate