Resolution in Honor of Professor Art Warmoth 1937-2014

Whereas, Professor Emeritus Art Warmoth passed away on April 4, 2014, after 41 years of service to Sonoma State University; and

Whereas, Dr. Warmoth was a dedicated professor of Psychology, three term Department chair, chair of Educational Policies Committee, and founder of the Academic Planning Committee; and

Whereas, Dr. Warmoth was a prolific writer, story teller, mentor, and a true ambassador to the community through his service as the Executive Director of Skaggs Island Foundation, member of S.O.M.E./The Family Connect, Latino Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services of Sonoma County, Hawthorne Learning Network, Person-Centered Expressive Therapy Institute, and Nursing Therapeutics Institute, Co-founder of the Saybrook Institute; and

Whereas, Dr. Warmoth dedicated himself to a firm and sustained passion for pedagogy and the importance of holistic support for the psychosocial development of our students, was central to building one of the few humanistic psychology programs in the nation, and was a staunch defender of this focus; and

Whereas, Dr. Warmoth courageously and consistently shared his vision of restructuring the Sonoma State University community with a focus on faculty members being conduits of information and knowledge as well as coaches for students who need to learn how to evaluate and apply information; and

Whereas, Dr. Warmoth courageously urged Sonoma State University to incorporate the character-building agenda of the traditional liberal arts college through a robust investment in curriculum and faculty development; and

Whereas, Dr. Warmoth was widely recognized as a faculty leader and advocate in the area of time banking for Sonoma State University and the communities of Sonoma County; and

Whereas, Dr. Warmoth envisioned a thriving future for Sonoma State University that maintained a coherent vision around the core themes of diversity, sustainability, and community engagement;

Therefore, be it hereby

Resolved, that the Academic Senate of Sonoma State University henceforth hold in high regard the memory of our esteemed colleague, Professor Art Warmoth, in recognition of his unwavering dedication to the university, the students, and the process of shared governance; and furthermore,

Resolved, that we in the Academic Senate, in honor of Professor Warmoth’s commitment to shared governance, rededicate this 50th anniversary of the senate to supporting shared governance by all means necessary to increase our collegiality as an entire group at Sonoma State University; and finally

Resolved, that the Academic Senate extend our wishes for fond memories of happier times with Art to all members of the Sonoma State community, and most especially to his wife Georgina Aida Warmoth, his children Monica Hinson, Tonantzin Warmoth, and Arthur Warmoth Jr., and his three grandchildren.

Unanimously approved by the Senate