Resolution Expressing Appreciation and Best Wishes to Vice Chair Terry Lease

Whereas Dr. Terry Lease has been a valued member of the Sonoma State University faculty since his arrival in 2002, and

Whereas he entered SSU’s faculty governance in that very same year, and has served as a member of the Senate (since 2007), a member of the Academic Planning Committee, and the Executive Committee (08-09, 12-13, and 12-14), and

Whereas Dr. Lease has expanded his faculty governance role significantly over the years, and has also served as Chair of the Professional Development Subcommittee, the Graduate Studies Subcommittee, as Secretary of the Senate, and as Vice-Chair of the Senate, and

Whereas in the course of this extensive service Dr. Lease has unfailingly rendered thoughtful commentary and timely procedural advice, all in terms that reflect both a deep respect for the process of governance, and a dry humor at the verbal gymnastics occasionally required to achieve that process, and

Whereas Dr. Lease has successfully transferred his uncanny abilities to manage flocks and herds of various birds and beasts, developed while husbanding his domestic homestead, to the shepherding of an even more unruly species (to wit, faculty) —all without resorting to physical “persuasion,” (yet!)— therefore be it

Resolved: That the Academic Senate express its deepest gratitude to Dr. Terry Lease for his exemplary service and genuine collegiality, and be it further

Resolved: That the Academic Senate wish Dr. Lease every success in his continuing adventures of imposing order on chaos, academic and otherwise, regardless of venue.

Unanimously approved by the Senate