Resolution: Endorsing the Recommendation to Create a Student Advocate Position in Saem

Resolved: That the Sonoma State University Academic Senate endorse the memo from the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) to the Interim Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management (SAEM) recommending the creation of a Student Advocate Position at Sonoma State University (SSU).

Letter referred to in the resolution:

TO: Matthew Lopez-Phillips, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

FROM: Student Affairs Committee of the Academic Senate of Sonoma State University

DATE: September 20, 2010

SUBJECT: Recommendation for Student Advocate Position at Sonoma State University (SSU)

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) recommends that as a part of any redesign of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management (SAEM) or as new hires for positions associated with Counseling and Psychological Services that SAEM prioritize minimally two positions, including a Student Advocate and a full-time student counselor at Sonoma State University.

The Student Advocate would work with the University to provide counseling, advocacy, support and information to SSU students impacted by disruptive or disturbing life events, especially those related to discrimination, harassment, and personal or sexual violence.

The Student Advocate would:

Provide confidential short-term and intermittent counseling, crisis intervention, advocacy, referrals, accompaniment, information, victim outreach, on- and off-campus service coordination, problem-solving, and help with decision-making to students impacted by traumatic, disruptive or disturbing life events.
Work collaboratively with University and community departments and agencies on joint projects and educational programs; deliver programs; organize educational material; and recommend interventions regarding issues of marginalization and victimization.
Record client interventions and statistics by completing client case notes, release of information forms, and other case management duties.

SAC recommends that the position be housed primarily in an office that will afford safe, confidential counseling and advising as well as maintain a part-time presence at the Multicultural Center. This will ensure an accessible advocate in inclusive and hospitable environments to students affected by challenges related to race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including sexual harassment and sexual assault), sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, pregnancy, age, disability, medical condition, veteran status and other fields of difference.

Approved by the Senate