Resolution Endorsing CSU Fullerton Academic Senate Resolution ASD 09-177, “Resolution in Support of Shared Governance at CSU Dominguez Hills”

Resolved: That the Sonoma State Academic Senate endorse the 10-29-09 CSU Fullerton Academic Senate Resolution (ASD 09-177), “Resolution in Support of Shared Governance at CSU Dominguez Hills.”

Resolved: That copies of this resolution be forwarded to the CSU Board of Trustees, Chancellor’s Office, Academic Senate CSU, the CSU Dominguez Hills President, Provost and Academic Senate, the CSU Fullerton Academic Senate, and the California Faculty Association.


All CSU campuses have been directed by the CO’s office to undergo a process of program prioritization in anticipation of further significant budget cuts in the 09-10 year. (see Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Ben Quillian’s memo. The context within which prioritization is occurring warrants faculty vigilance about both the of the effort and the process by which it occurs. (see for example CSU Stanislaus President Shirvani’s Chronicle of Higher Education piece and Provost Ochoa’s post to Senate talk of 10/31/09 regarding a review of George Keller’s book, “Higher Education and the New Society”). The CSU Fullerton “Resolution in Support of Shared Governance at CSU Dominguez Hills” expresses concern about the lack of faculty consultation in the CSUD administration’s pursuit of budget reductions that employ program elimination as a primary strategy. The Fullerton rationale contains details of the situation at CSUDH, and emphasizes the importance of faculty maintaining a “significant and meaningful voice in developing and implementing any process that may affect curriculum, academic programs, and the instructional integrity of the university.” SSU Statewide Senators have consulted with their counterparts at CSUDH, who welcome the support for shared governance from sister campuses. Endorsing the Fullerton resolution would also set a marker for the importance of faculty responsibility for curricular matters as SSU faculty governance begins its consultation with our local administration about the prioritization process.


Approved by the Senate