Resolution Endorsing CFA Teach-in

WHEREAS the local chapter of the California Faculty Association is holding a Teach-In on the campus on 23 October to explore the many ways in which faculty working conditions affect student learning conditions; and

WHEREAS the Teach-In will look at such issues of academic concern (among others) as

the relationship between class size and opportunities for significant student-faculty contact;

the misuse, and overuse, of lecturers;

the increasing proportion of funding dollars spent on administration instead of instruction;

the value of faculty research;

the potential harm that Year-Round Operations as currently conceived might have in limiting or reducing true student access;

the effect which decreases in public funding of the University have on increasing the intrusion of corporations and corporate values upon the educational mission; and

WHEREAS several noted speakers will be attending the Teach-In including Stanley Aronowitz, author of "The Knowledge Factory", as well as several members of the State legislature;

Therefore be it

RESOLVED that the Academic Senate of Sonoma State University endorse the purpose of the Teach-In to educate the entire university community on matters of deep and urgent concern, and that it encourage members of the faculty to participate in the Teach-In and to involve their classes in the Teach-In where appropriate to the educational goals of their courses.

Unanimously approved by the Senate