Resolution Endorsing Associated Students of Sonoma State University’s Resolution “Preserve our Student Services and Programs”

Whereas The mission of the California State University (CSU) is to “provide opportunities for individuals to develop intellectually, personally, and professionally. To prepare students for an international, multi-cultural society.”1; and

Whereas “The mission of the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management (SAEM) is to facilitate the recruitment, development, retention and graduation of all students through high-quality educational and out-of-classroom experiences, programs and support services 2”; and

Whereas The Sonoma State University (SSU) Strategic Plan states that it values, Community Engagement, Diversity, and Quality of Student Experience 3; and

Whereas The strategic goal pertaining to the quality of the Student Experience states the university will “provide SSU Students with a quality co-curricular experience and a residential environment that leads to enhanced learning and personal growth” and would implement this by “cultivating a healthy campus community, developing a sense of belonging, helping students learn to respect and value diversity, encouraging ethical behavior, support student personal growth, self-knowledge, social development and career planning 4; and

Whereas Student programs and services add significant value to a student’s college experience by providing services that enhance learning within the classroom as well as by offering support and educational opportunities outside of the classroom; and

Whereas Student services’ and programs’ budgets have been cut drastically over the last 5 years (for example, SAEM has been cut by 69.25% since 2007-2008 5) resulting in limited funding for current student services, while university enrollment has increased 6; and

Whereas Students’ tuition fees have increased while students have endured fee increases to support some student services such as Counseling and Psychological Services 7; and

Whereas Due to budget cuts, programs such as Disability Services for Students, Academic Advising, Career Services, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), the Learning Center, the Writing Center, Veteran’s Services, International Affairs, the Multi-Cultural Center, and the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement and Service, are receiving less fiscal support; and

Whereas SSU has one Campus Life Advisor to serve the many students involved in 174 clubs and organizations on this campus; 8 and

Whereas A hiring freeze on campus is currently being utilized to address budget concerns, keeping the vacancy in the Campus Life Advisor position (which offers a support system for hundreds of students involved in organizations on campus) from being filled, thereby impacting the success of our clubs and organizations on campus; and

Whereas With a large number undeclared students, and over 89 different Majors and concentrations 9 to choose from, Academic Advising is crucial to helping those students find their academic path; and

Whereas Last year 2014 undergraduates and graduates10 graduated from SSU and all would be served by the career center and its one full time advisor; and

Whereas Programs and services previously supported under SAEM, such as CSLIS, have moved to other departments on campus due to address fiscal concerns; and

Whereas Many departments that house student services and programs are not necessarily managed by Student Affairs professionals, meaning that programs and services may not be over sought by professionals with education and training regarding working with students; and

Whereas Programs and services, such as the ones mentioned, offer opportunities to students that they may not have had before and support students’ success at Sonoma State University; and

Whereas Quality student services contribute greatly to create a well-rounded student experience by providing support, guidance, and assistance outside of the classroom, enhance the co-curricular experience, and engage students in the SSU community; and

Therefore Let it hereby be resolved that all student services and programs at Sonoma State University must create and maintain a high standard of quality.

Therefore Let it hereby be resolved that all student services and programs at Sonoma State University must have qualified professionals with sufficient training in working with students.

Therefore Let it hereby be resolved that the Associated Students of Sonoma State University demands that all student services on this campus be preserved despite fiscal conditions in the university.

Resolved: That the Academic Senate of Sonoma State University recognize the importance of services to students, as well as co- and extra-curricular activities in meeting SSU’s mission of preparing graduates who “will be active citizens and leaders in society, are capable of pursuing fulfilling careers in a changing world, and are concerned with contributing to the health and well-being of the world at large.” (

Resolved: That the Academic Senate share the concern of the Associated Students of Sonoma State University about the reassignment of Student Affairs related departments to divisions where Student Affairs professionals are not providing oversight, as well as reductions of student services and programs that have been the result of budget cuts.

Resolved: That the Academic Senate endorse the resolution passed by the Associated Students of Sonoma State University on April 24, 2012 entitled “Preserve our Student Services and Programs.”

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2. Student Affairs and Enrollment Management:

3. SSU Strategic Plan: the SSU Stratetic plan has been updated since this resolution passed:

4. SSU Strategic Plan: The SSU Strategic Plan has been updated since this resolution passed:

5. Associate Vice-President of SAEM Matt Benney

6. President’s Budget Advisory Committee


8. Justin Sipes, Campus Life Advisor (4.5.2012)