Resolution Declining Participation in the Establishment and Implementation of Criteria, Standards, and Procedures for Merit Pay Under Imposed Employment Conditions

Whereas, the Sonoma State University Academic Senate is dedicated to preserving faculty governance and collegiality; and

Whereas, CSU California Faculty Association members overwhelmingly rejected the proposed Tentative Agreement; and

Whereas, the imposition of working conditions and salary programs by the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor without faculty approval will erode faculty govenance, faculty rights, campus collegiality, and faculty morale and detract from the process of teaching and scholarship;

therefore be it

Resolved that the SSU Faculty Senate refuse all participation in the implementation of any "merit" pay plan imposed in the absence of a contract, especially the establishment of criteria, standards, and procedures for such a plan; and

be it further

Resolved that the SSU Faculty Senate request that the faculty support the decision of the Senate by refusing to participate in the establishment and implementation of criteria, standards and procedures for any imposed "merit" pay plan.