Resolution Commending Rick Luttmann, Chair of the Faculty, 2001-2002

WHEREAS Rick Luttmann boldly answered duty’s call in these troubled times to serve this university, its faculty, and our students with unceasing excellence, valor, diligence, civility and sartorial splendor; and

WHEREAS In spite of the stürm und drang of senatorial debate and the hum und drum of senatorial deliberation, Bold Rick never let us forget that the Academic Senate is a fundamental guarantor of the sanctity of our institution’s instructional reason for being; and

WHEREAS His fame and significance as a Chair of the Faculty who cannot and will not be ignored extended well beyond the boundaries of our academy, as evidenced by the legend, folklore and fantasy about him that has emanated from so great a distance as Long Beach; and

WHEREAS We know that he will not go quietly from this body’s never-ending examination of structured process and institutional goal attainment, but instead will continue to participate and serve for so long as he remains a member of the university community


RESOLVED that the Sonoma State University Academic Senate and faculty celebrate his fearless leadership, applaud his conscientious service, commend his unflagging civility, and commemorate his invaluable contributions, and


RESOLVED that the Sonoma State University Academic Senate and faculty extend grateful recognition of his value and significance as champion of our instructional mission, enemy of imperial bloat, friend to faculty governance, and advocate of true consultation.

Approved by acclamation