Resolution Commending Noel Byrne, Chair of the Faculty, 2002-2003

WHEREAS Noel Byrne has served the Faculty and university community with dignity and civility in difficult, trying, and even interesting times; and

WHEREAS he has shown an unfailing and passionate commitment to the principles of shared governance and academic freedom;

WHEREAS he has been a strong advocate for transparency and accountability in university decision making; and

WHEREAS he has demonstrated, despite the occasional perplexed look on his face, good humor and wisdom when the voices of 47 Senators are raised in glorious parliamentary debate; and bemusement and beneficence in moderating exchanges between those close friends and mutually esteemed colleagues Victor Garlin and Bob Coleman-Senghor;


RESOVLED that the Sonoma State University Academic Senate and faculty commend Noel Byrne for his open mindedness, passionate convictions, commitment to elevating principle over politics, and his unshakeable belief in the fundamental good intentions of all members the Sonoma State University community;


RESOLVED that the Sonoma State University Academic Senate and faculty express their deep appreciation for his conscientious leadership, personal integrity, and devotion to the university.

Approved by acclamation