Resolution of Appreciation and“Welcome Back!” for Laurel Holmstrom

Whereas: Laurel Holmstrom serves as Analyst for the Sonoma State University Academic Senate, and has been in that position for 11 years; and

Whereas: She juggles the affairs of the Academic Senate, four Standing Committees, numerous subcommittees, ad hoc committees and task forces with incredible efficiency, grace, humor and stamina; and

Whereas: She continues to display her phenomenal ability to work with Senate chairs with various personalities, priorities and capacities for remembering when and where the next meeting is; and

Whereas: Even during the most difficult political and budgetary times, she remains professional and focused on the task at hand; and

Whereas: Her incredible knowledge of the arcane aspects of Robert’s Rules of Order has on far, far more than one occasion brought the Academic Senate back from the brink of chaos; and

Whereas: She has worked tirelessly to make the university a welcoming place for students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds and to improve the working conditions of her colleagues in the CSUEU; and

Whereas: Her work ethic and dedication to Sonoma State faculty, staff and students are unsurpassed; therefore be it

Resolved: That the Sonoma State University Academic Senate express its deep gratitude and thanks to Laurel Holmstrom for her continuing contribution to the Academic Senate and the Sonoma State University community; and be it further

Resolved: That the Sonoma State University Academic Senate welcome Laurel Holmstrom back with joy in her recovery and unmitigated relief in her return.

Approved by acclamation