Resolution Acclaiming and Commending Susan Moulton, Chair of the Faculty, 2009-2010

Whereas Susan Moulton led the Academic Senate during some of the most challenging and difficult times faced by this institution;

Whereas She unfailingly maintained her dignity and grace even when, at times, those around her failed to do so;

Whereas She was tenacious in her pursuit of transparency as demonstrated by her pointed questions and repeated calls for town hall meetings;

Whereas She never shirked from speaking truth to power;

Whereas She never tired in her advocacy for faculty consultation;

Whereas The arrows loosed by her detractors were always deflected by an armor of graciousness and respect;

Whereas Her iron will was balanced by a most generous spirit and delightful sense of humor;

Whereas Robert’s Rules were merely guidelines that, to the potential dismay of those desiring order and discipline, never stood in the way of letting all voices be heard – even those who abstained;

Whereas She was unarguably among the hardest working and devoted individuals to hold the office of Chair of the Faculty;


Resolved That, friend and foe alike, recognize her unfailing devotion and unremitting energy in leading the faculty of Sonoma State University during these most challenging times and, furthermore, let us express our deepest appreciation for her very significant contributions to this institution.

Approved by acclamation