Opposition to Prop 8

The Academic Senate of Sonoma State University

Re-affirms its support for same-gender marriage expressed in its Resolution of 16 December 2004, including specifically the statement that “the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman is ethnocentric and thus is counter to the academic endeavor of critical inquiry”, and (as recommended by the Campus Climate Committee) that “consistent with Sonoma State University's Diversity Statement, the Academic Senate at Sonoma State University supports civil rights, privileges, and responsibilities in all areas of civil life for its students, staff, faculty, and administration, including the right of marriage between same-sex couples”;

Expresses its opposition to Proposition 8 on the 4 November 2008 California ballot;

Urges voters to oppose this effort to place into the State Constitution a Special Right available only to a specified class of citizen; and

Directs the Secretary of the Senate to publicize this action in the campus and local community presses and to other units of the California State University.

Approved by the Senate