On the Matter of Laura Alice Watt

Resolution on the Matter of Laura Alice Watt

Whereas Dr. Laura Alice Watt, Professor of Geography, Environment, and Planning, has served two consecutive year-long terms (2018-19 and 2019-20) as Chair of the Faculty of Sonoma State University; and

Whereas Dr. Watt has served in numerous faculty governance positions, including Vice Chair of the Faculty, Chair of the Educational Policies Committee, Chair of the Graduate Studies Subcommittee, and on the many committees and subcommittees required by holding the offices of Vice Chair and Chair of the Faculty; and

Whereas Dr. Watt has represented the faculty so ably through our shared experiences of wildfire, smoke, power outage, and pandemic; and

Whereas Dr. Watt has worked tirelessly to emphasize campus resilience and adaptability in the face of these historically unprecedented and ongoing challenges; and

Whereas Dr. Watt has committed her time as Chair to facilitating clear and frequent communication across campus and advocating for shared and transparent governance; and

Whereas Dr. Watt has guided the campus through sometimes challenging though incredibly worthwhile campus changes, including reform of the General Education program and the ongoing planning for the renovation of Stevenson Hall; and

Whereas, despite lack of gavel, Dr. Watt has excelled at leading Zoom meetings with her fabulous green and white shelves in the background with occasional cameos by the incomparable Henry the cat; and

Whereas Dr. Watt has reminded us to see ourselves as working together to crew the Sonoma State sailboat and that when we have trust and confidence in each other the result is that the boat can go as fast and smooth as possible no matter what the conditions might be; and

Whereas Dr. Watt readily swears like the sailor she is whenever the situation calls for it; and

Whereas Dr. Watt has emphasized the centrality of place in our experience at Sonoma State, and our ability to shape that place as the place shapes us, reminding us that the hills on campus were constructed from a pancake-flat seed farm and so preparing us to extend our sense of campus
“place” to Zoom classrooms and virtual faculty meetings;

Therefore, be it hereby

Resolved, that the Academic Senate of Sonoma State University express its highest regard for and gratitude to our friend, colleague, advocate, and leader for all her contributions; and be it further

Resolved, that the members of the Academic Senate look forward to the ongoing contributions of Dr. Laura Alice Watt to the life of the university and the landscape history of Iceland.

Approved by acclamation