Honoring Ben Ford

Resolution on the Matter of Ben Ford

Whereas Dr. Ben Ford, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, has completed a second non-consecutive year-long term as the Chair of the Faculty of Sonoma State University; and

Whereas Dr. Ford will always have the gratitude of his colleagues for his willingness to take on the responsibility of serving as Chair of the Faculty during the first year of a new president’s tenure; and

Whereas during that year Dr. Ford has worked tirelessly to create a smooth transition so that all members of the university community could adjust to a new administration; and

Whereas Dr. Ford has made it his signature goal to promote collaboration between faculty and administration, yet never hesitates to point out when an administrator has missed an important point; and

Whereas Dr. Ford has proved week after week that he is the task master at getting through an entire agenda and completing Executive Committee and Academic Senate meetings in the nick of time; and

Whereas Dr. Ford has advocated passionately for the role of faculty in the mission of the University, especially curriculum matters, and has insured that faculty continue to have an active role in planning and carrying out graduation; and

Whereas Dr. Ford has fought for diversity and inclusion for the campus community; and

Whereas Dr. Ford’s ironic sense of humor has more than once gracefully eased the tension in the room and reminded everyone that we are all in this together; therefore be it

Resolved: That the Academic Senate of Sonoma State University express high regard for Dr. Ford and gratitude for all of his contributions to shared governance in his second term as Chair of the Faculty; and be it further

Resolved: That the Academic Senate of Sonoma State University wish Dr. Ford well in all his future endeavors and encourage him to keep his name on the go-to list of colleagues who always answer the call when asked to serve.

Approved by acclamation