Encroachment into Curricular Matters

Resolution on Administrative Encroachment into Curricular Matters

RESOLVED: That the Sonoma State University (SSU) Academic Senate commits to protecting the academic standards of all academic programs at Sonoma State University and to ensuring that all academic policies and procedures are observed by all parties, and therefore be it;

RESOLVED: That the SSU Academic Senate recognizes the right and duty of faculty to determine curricula, methods of teaching, appropriate class size, and

RESOLVED: That the SSU Academic Senate opposes all acts of administrative encroachment into curricular matters, and therefore be it;

RESOLVED: that we pass this resolution to reaffirm our values as a Senate.

RESOLVED: That this resolution be distributed to the SSU President, Interim Provost and Associate Vice Provost, all School Deans, Department Chairs, Program Directors, RTP Chairs, the ASCSU Chair, the CFA Statewide President, and the CFA SSU Chapter President.

Approved by the Senate