CSU Executive Accountability and Responsibility

Senate Resolution on CSU Executive Accountability and Responsibility

Resolved: The Sonoma State University Academic Senate recognizes the CFA petition below and urges the Interim President Lee to advocate for the needs of faculty, staff and students at Sonoma State and the CSU as a whole at the Sept 13-14, 2022 Board of Trustees meeting. 

Rationale: Recent pay raises for CSU executives include raises as high as 29% for many of the highest paid employees of the CSU. These raises in some cases total more than $100,000. This comes at a time when faculty and staff are struggling to pay rents and mortgages and keep up with rapidly rising cost-of-living in ever-costlier Sonoma County with only a 7% GSI. The Trustees and this CSU administration have chosen to reward campus presidents with these salary increases, despite their failed leadership when it comes to the mishandling of Title IX cases on our campuses and lack of funding of campus mental health resources.  This CSU administration and the Trustees abdicated their responsibility to advocate for more funding this year for the CSU. That responsibility instead fell on faculty, staff and students.  

Petition: I sign this petition which calls on Sonoma State Interim President Lee to speak up at the CSU Board of Trustees meeting on Sept 13-14, 2022 to advocate for the needs of faculty, staff and students at Sonoma State and the CSU as a whole by 

  • Condemning the recently awarded exorbitant CSU Presidential salary increases;
  • Calling for democracy and transparency in the process of selecting new CSU Presidents;
  • Encouraging salary increases for faculty & staff that adequately address inflationary pressure;
  • Lobbying for Title IX reform to protect victims of discrimination, harassment & retaliation;
  • Advocating for increased staffing of mental health counselors; and
  • Asking the CSU Board to push hard with the state legislature and Governor for the increased funding needed to pay for the items listed above