Congratulations to Jeffrey Reeder, Sonoma County Bike Commuter of the Year, 2009

Resolved: that Academic Senate of Sonoma State University congratulates Dr. Jeffery Reeder for being named as Sonoma County Bike Commuter of the Year for 2009 and commends him for his dedication to this earth-friendly and healthful activity.


Jeffrey Reeder Named 2009 Bike Commuter of the Year

The Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition has named Jeffrey Reeder, Chair of the Modern Languages and Literature Department, the 2009 Bike Commuter of the Year. During the ten years he has lived in Sonoma County, Reeder has commuted to work every day from his home in Santa Rosa to SSU. Rain, cold, heat, and even hail haven't kept him from the 20-mile round trip.

Reeder says that compared to bike commuting in the stifling heat as he did when living in Texas or in the humidity and rain of southern Japan, Sonoma County is an ideal place to ride. Not only is cycling good exercise, good for the environment, and enjoyable, he finds that commuting to work clears his head and gives him the opportunity for some focused thinking.

Reeder is honored to be named Bike Commuter of the Year; still, he would rather see the day when bike commuting were such a common and natural action that an award would seem odd (imagine an award for "Car Commuter of the Year"). To this end, he encourages and helps his students and colleagues become bike commuters also.


The Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition promotes bicycling for transportation and recreation and works to educate the community about bicycle safety and the benefits of cycling, including good health and protecting the environment.

Approved by the Senate