Emeritus Dinner

The annual Emeritus Faculty Recognition Dinner is currently scheduled for March 8, 2019. It will be held on the Sonoma State University campus in the Student Center Ballrooms. 

More information will be posted in November or December. 

The new faculty emeriti to be honored are:

  • Roger Bell, Jr, Philosophy
  • Barbara Bloom, Criminology & Criminal Justice
  • Julie Bright, Biology
  • Mary Dolan, Library
  • Elizabeth Galvez-Hard, Literacy Studies & Elementary Education
  • Deborah Kindy, Nursing
  • Elaine Leeder, Sociology
  • Linda Mansi, Business Administration
  • Katherine Morris, Literacy Studies & Elementary Education
  • Mary Ann Nickel, Literacy Studies & Elementary Education
  • Lilybeth Nosce, Biology
  • Jann Nunn, Art
  • Thomas Shaw, Hutchins
  • Elenita Strobel, American Multicultural Studies
  • Mark Merickel, Curriculum Studies & Secondary Education
  • Theresa Alfaro Velcamp, History